Winter Fundraising Ideas

As the temperature continues to drop this Winter, help us warm the hearts of our patients and their families by starting your own fundraiser! People just like you have raised money for life-changing breakthroughs and unique programs at Lurie Children’s. Even the smallest amount raised has made a world of difference for a child in need. Embrace the season of giving and leave a lasting impact with these winter fundraising examples below!

5 Winter Fundraising Ideas

  1. Snow Removal: Help your neighbor while raising money for a good cause. Go door to door asking if your neighbors need help shoveling sidewalks, and driveways, cleaning snow off cars, or shoveling cars out of a parking spot in exchange for donations.
  2. Host a Winter Wonderland: Gather friends and family together for a day in the snow! You can sell hot chocolate, and tickets to enter a snowman-building contest, or guests can participate in sled races with an entry fee. You can hand out fun prizes for the winners. All profits made from the day can be donated to Lurie Children’s.
  3. Winter Bake Sale: Encourage your community to participate in a winter-themed bake sale. You can charge a participation fee upfront, or participants can bake any of their favorite treats and sell them on their own. All proceeds can be collected and donated at the end.
  4. Trivia/Game Night (Virtual or In-person): From the comfort of your home or gathered at a venue, a trivia/game night is a family-friendly event for all ages. Charge an entry fee and participants can compete for fun prizes.
  5. Cookie Decorating: Host a cozy night in with cookie decorating, snacks, and movies. Provide cookies and materials for guests. Participants can pay for each cookie they decorate. Turn it into a friendly competition or enjoy a night in with friends and family!

How to Start a Fundraiser

However you choose to fundraise, our community fundraising team is available every step of the way to help make your fundraiser a huge success. Start by registering online. There, you will gain access to a personal fundraising page. You can find resources to make your fundraiser a success and access to our Community Fundraising team who will help you along the way!

Your fundraising efforts support our patients and families, allowing us to direct funds when and where they are needed the most. If you have a specific program or area you’d like to support with your fundraising efforts, money raised can be directed to support a specific area within the hospital. For more information, visit our Community Fundraising page. For a full list of ideas visit our fundraising ideas page.

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