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Research advancement and discovery are a driving force at Lurie Children's. Our goal is to generate new knowledge and translate advancements in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases that affect children’s health through adolescence and adulthood. Learn more about our research institute's studies, news and more.

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Study: Race Among Disparities in Presentation of Adolescent Scoliosis

A study led by researchers at Lurie Children's found race disparities in the presentation of adolescent scoliosis and are working to address the disparity in access to care for the diagnosis and management.

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The Spinal Muscular Atrophy Clinical Trial that Changed Koen’s Life

Noel and Keith are dedicated to teaching their son Koen to focus on the "cans" over the "cannots," after he was diagnosed with SMA. 

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Advances in Genetic Testing Improve Diagnoses of Rare Conditions

Today's genetic testing toolkit has greatly expanded. 

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New DIPG Clinical Trial Launches at Lurie Children’s

Neuro-oncologist Ashley Plant-Fox, MD, opened the first clinical trial for a novel heat shock protein vaccine targeting the deadliest brain tumor in children. 

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Lurie Children’s Leads $4 Million Study Examining Improved Treatment for Severe Form of Epilepsy

Twenty-six years ago, Dr. Tracy Dixon-Salazar’s little girl went from being a healthy, typical toddler to having hundreds of seizures a day virtually overnight.

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Gaining Independence Thanks to Oral Immunotherapy

Stirling Cope, 18, has been participating in oral immunotherapy for his peanut allergy for the past seven years and has seen a tremendous benefit.

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All Eyes on Gene Therapy

In the past few years, exciting new therapies and clinical trials for genetic eye (ocular) conditions have emerged all over the world.

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Understanding Clinical Trials: Patients, Families & Researchers Team Up for New Treatments

A clinical trial is a research study performed to determine if a treatment will be effective and safe in people.

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Q&A with a Tissue Navigator: Empowering Families to Support the Search for a Cure

Tissue donation helps researchers identify ways to improve quality of life for children living with cancer and work towards a cure.

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"This is Surreal": New Breakthrough Therapy for Cystic Fibrosis Gives Family Hope

With Trikafta, a newly FDA-approved treatment for cystic fibrosis, Joe's lung function appears the same as a person without the disease.

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Clinical Trials at Lurie Children’s Benefit from Advances in Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is a way to correct harmful genetic changes. Its purpose is to give cells the right DNA instructions needed to make products that work as they should.

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Wireless Sensors Advance Care for NICU Babies

A pair of wireless sensors replace the tangle of wire-based sensors that currently monitor babies in hospitals and pose a barrier to parent-baby physical bonding. 

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