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Giving families the best possible experience is the core of Lurie Children's mission. Our inspirational patient stories drive us to continue to provide high-quality, pediatric care for every family that walks through our door. Hear more from our patients and their families here.

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After Life-Threatening Accident, Aidan Aces Three World-Class Marathons

Four years ago, Aidan was struck by a car on his bike and rushed to Lurie Children’s with critical injuries to his spine and vital organs. After his recovery, he completed his first Chicago Marathon with Team Lurie Children’s in 2021. 

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A Little More Hope Than Fear: Looking Back on Fetal Surgery for Emmie & Gracie

With the expertise and support of Dr. Shaaban and Lurie Children's Chicago Institue for Fetal Health, Annie gave birth to Emmie and Gracie. Today, the girls are healthy and living life to the fullest.

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With Superhero Strength, Leo Defies Mental Health Stigmas

After being diagnosed with ADHD, Leo began working Lurie Children's Dr. John Parkhurst. Through therapy, Leo learned how to harness his skills and strengths to better communicate with his family and friends.

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First Spinal Cord Stimulation Implant Relieves Isabella of Severe Chronic Nerve Pain

In 2021, 13-year-old Isabella started suffering from chronic nerve pain across her entire body. While the road to diagnosis took time, her eventual outcome thanks to Neurosurgeon Dr. Jeffrey Raskin was a life-changing one.

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Triplets Thriving Following ‘Rocky Start,’ Including Fetal Intervention Procedure

While pregnant with triplets, Brooke was diagnosed with a condition called sIUGR and needed urgent care. Despite their rocky start, all three boys have grown into happy and healthy toddlers. 

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Meant for Each Other – Alyssa & Baby Mila’s Surgery for Myelomeningocele

The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health at Lurie Children’s was able to perform fetoscopic surgery on pregnant Alyssa. Nearly two years later, baby Mila is a healthy and happy toddler taking her first steps with a walker. 

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Trusting the Process: A Quick Turnaround Fetal Surgery for Twins

After Elizabeth's diagnosis of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS) during pregnancy, her team of specialists moved forward with surgery to normalize her amniotic fluid and ensure the safety of her babies in utero.

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Oliver Breathes on His Own Thanks to ENT Specialists

Lurie Children's pediatric ENT surgeons performed a rare and complicated procedure called Cricoid Split to repair Oliver's airway so he could breathe on his own, avoiding a tracheostomy tube altogether.

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Luna’s Story: Beating Brain Cancer with a Little Bit of Paint and Positivity

After experiencing troubling and abnormal symptoms, Luna was rushed to her local hospital where a large mass was discovered on the left side of her brain. 

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Haytham Doing Better Than Ever Following Liver Transplant From Altruistic Donor

Two-year-old Haytham had already overcome many challenges in his young life and needed a liver transplant. One altruistic stranger was a match.

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Ella’s Story: Saved by Bone Marrow Transplant from a Generous Stranger

Ella experienced repeat ear infections and seemed lethargic to her parents. When she began looking pale, her mom took her to their pediatrician. 

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More than five years since their transplant, 'liver sisters' are thriving

Neither Ava’s mom, Michelle, nor Kendall say they will forget the day they heard a liver became available for both patients – from the same donor. 

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