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New and expectant parents have a lot of questions and the experts at Lurie Children’s have answers. From sleeping and feeding to pooping and peeing, you can rely on our blogs and resources to help your baby stay healthy and safe. 

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When Do Babies Start Crawling?

Crawling is an exciting new development for babies. Our Lurie Children's expert explains everything that parents need to know.

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Baby-Led Weaning: When to Start and Foods to Try

Our expert pediatrician, Dr. Amy L. Silverio explains the benefits and potential concerns of baby-led weaning, the ideal time to start solids and a list of recommended first foods for new parents. 

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Bottle Feeding Babies FAQ for Parents

New and expectant parents have a lot of questions. Get answers to common newborn bottle feeding questions, including how much milk newborns need and breastfeeding positions.

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Understanding Your NICU Baby’s Behavior & Cues

Infants in the NICU use cues to communicate with their families and caregivers to indicate when they are stressed, hungry, or comfortable, or self-soothing.

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Feeding Your Baby Through the First Year

Learn how much, how often and what kinds of foods babies eat from birth through their first birthday.

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What to Know About Feeding Your Newborn

See feeding tips and get answers to common newborn feeding questions, including how much milk newborns need and breastfeeding positions.

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Cluster Feeding FAQs

Cluster feeding, when a newborn wants to eat every two hours or less, occurs during major periods of growth and development.

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How Often, How Much, What Color: Your Newborn Poop and Pee Questions Answered

Newborns produce a lot of pee and poop. Learn what’s normal, from urine and stool color to frequency, and when to call the pediatrician.

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Worried Your Newborn is Sick? Here’s What to Look For

Newborns with a fever (100.4 or greater) should always be seen. Here are other signs of sickness, along with common newborn issues not to worry about.

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Bonding with Your Baby in the NICU

While in the NICU, there are still many opportunities for you to bond with your baby. Learn a few recommended ways to help you build that bond.

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Top Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician for Your Newborn

Tips to help you pick the right pediatrician for your newborn, including when to start looking and the most important questions to ask.

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Trying to Get Your Newborn Down? Try These 10 Sleep Tips.

Our pediatricians offer expert tips for establishing good sleep routines, calming overtired babies and getting your newborn down to sleep.

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