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  • Safely Returning to Sports

    Our pediatric orthopedic specialists have a message for young people and their parents: please return to activity safely. 

  • Safe Medication Disposal Guide

    Learn how to properly and safely dispose of medication including methods and locations to prevent accidental exposure or environmental harm.

  • Beaches, Babies, and Burns

    When we think of burns at the beach, we generally associate them with the sun. However, Teri Coha, APN, has been treating children every summer for severe burns.

  • How to Keep Your Kids Safe This Summer

    Summer is long-anticipated in the eyes of children. When it finally arrives, it's up to adults to help do what they can to pave the way for a safe summer.

  • A Dermatologist’s Guide to Safe Fun in the Sun

    Dr. Wagner explains the effects of the sun on skin and answers some commonly asked questions about what sunscreens are best to use for infants and children. 

  • The Dangers of Distracted Driving

    Teens are the most at-risk of distracted driving due to being new to behind the wheel. Limit your teen's distractions to promote safe driving habits.