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Introducing Strengthening Chicago’s Youth New Parenting Support Podcast

July 07, 2021

By: Cassandra Otoo, SCY’s Program Coordinator for the Juvenile Justice Collaborative

“With so much going on in the world with the COVID 19, uncivil rest, the presidential election, adapting to virtual learning, job loss and combined with our normal stressors all of this can be overwhelming to say the least!"  

Staff at Strengthening Chicago’s Youth (SCY) wanted to engage parents in a thoughtful way surrounding critical and immediate topics that families may be dealing with during this increased season of violence while coping during the pandemic and beyond. SCY has expanded our training platform in trying to reach more diverse audiences as we continue to engage in meaningful dialog that matters to parents from variety of communities.

Recently, we launched our "Parenting Support Initiative Project." This podcast is part of a three-tired strategy to supporting parents in the Chicagoland area.  The idea of launching a pilot series on issues concerning parents was birthed in support of engaging parents during these tough times.  

What is SCY’s podcast about? All things parenting! It is our goal to empower parents through the use of discussion topics relevant to parents, caretakers, grandparents and guardians 

And on it you will hear topics on self-care, trauma and managing stress and anxiety while adjusting to a pandemic. It is our hope to engage you the listening audience on determining future topics. Pease like, share, subscribe and comment on topics you would like to hear more about. 

Who should listen? Parents, grandparents, caretakers or community providers seeking to be empowered by exploring topics that can improve parenting confidence. We are hoping that you will leave each segment feeling like you’ve learned some useful information.  

During our first segment, we thoughtfully set aside some time to talk about self-care. Other topics discussed during the podcast pilot include: "Understanding the Impact of Trauma on Parenting" and "A discussion on How Stress and Anxiety shows up in Parents Across the Developmental Spectrum from Birth to Late Adolescence."

“Parenting is hard to do!” We begin our first segment by putting the elephant in the room and calling out the challenges of parenting while normalizing how we typically respond to them. This segment features Tara Sieder, APN, and Gail Brodkey, LCSW. We discuss how to create self-care by being intentional about the benefits it may bring while making the connection to maintaining healthy mental health. The podcast calls out the barrier’s parents are faced with implementing self-care in there day-to-day routine:  

“I want to say this is a subject that is often disregarded not because it isn’t important but because of all of the many duties and demands that compete with parents. Often there just doesn’t seem to ever be enough time in the day! Or It may be that parents are juggling so much that making time to practice self-care isn’t a priority”.  

Please take a listen here, or on your favorite podcast app. Also, remember to subscribe, comment and share! 



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