Meet Liz: Part of the Next Generation of Civic Leadership

November 14, 2019

As a national leader in pediatric care and research, we are relentless in our drive to transform futures for every child. But, progress doesn’t happen on its own. The Lurie Children’s Innovators program brings the next generation of Chicago’s emerging civic leaders together – providing connections, networking experiences and the opportunity to help ensure healthier futures for every child.

Liz Hutson is a member of the Innovators program, where she helps leverage the collective giving power of the Innovators to fund high-priority needs at Lurie Children’s. We hope you enjoy getting to know Liz and her dedication to providing healthier futures for every child.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your career! 

I’ve worked in the medical device industry for the last 20 years.  My consulting company supports clients across strategic marketing, product development, project management and integration/transition leadership.  In addition to being an Innovator, I volunteer at church and our martial arts school and spend time with my amazing husband and two children.

Why did you join Innovators?
I joined the Lurie Children’s Innovators program because it focuses on my passion areas – healthcare, education, children’s well-being and innovation. With my investment, I know I can directly impact programs in critical need of support. I have so enjoyed connecting on a deeper level with the research, programs and care we help support and seeing how it is making an impact for patients and their families. 

Have there been any highlights as an Innovator?
I have loved getting to know the other Innovators – they are kind, interesting and share a dedication to the work we do to exercise the power of giving so that every child can have a brighter, healthier future. As a member, you can attend four annual engagement events and connect with other members, who are leading business and community leaders across the city. To be a part of this community with like-minded individuals who want to make a more significant impact together has been deeply inspiring. 

What is one thing that inspires you about Lurie Children’s?
The thing that inspires me most about Lurie Children’s is the people. Every team member – from doctors to researchers, specialists to volunteers – is not only talented at what they do, but they have a love for their patients and families that is so touching, particularly in a time that can be full of unknowns. And to be a part of that team as an Innovator has been a fantastic opportunity.