Healthy Home Study Tips for E-Learning

October 13, 2020

With many students learning remotely this school year, it’s important children and teens maintain good posture. Below our Physical Therapists provide ideal sitting positions for learning activities.

The Ideal Sitting Position

  • Screen at eye level
  • Back supported fully by chair
  • Can place towel roll vertical behind back
  • Feet on floor and thighs parallel to the floor
  • Consider blue light blocking glasses to prevent eye strain

Modified Option #1

Tip: Place step stool or box under child’s feet if they cannot reach the floor.

Modified Option #2

Tip: Elevate the keyboard to allow the child to type without looking down to prevent injury.

Alternate Study Positions

Option #1

Lying on your Stomach 

This allows for a stretch of legs, strengthens shoulders and provides a break from sitting

Option #2

Sitting with your Back and Hips Against the Wall 

This position allows the student to stretch their hamstrings (back of thighs) while working.

Option #3

Modified Sitting with your Back and Hips Against a Wall Sitting on Pillow/Towel Roll and Lap Desk

A tray table or pillow will allow arms to rest while learning.

Option #4

Sitting on an Exercise Ball

 This position promotes upright posture, strengthens the abdominals, and provides a movement break.