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Promoting the health and well-being of children and adolescents is critical to Lurie Children's mission. Our blog covers everything that parents and caregivers need to know, with news and research from our leading pediatric experts. Read more here.

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Q&A: Lurie Children’s Emergency Medicine and Trauma Experts Offer ‘Safety Day’ Program

Learn how Trauma and EMS experts from Lurie Children’s Emergency and Surgery Departments are teaching lifesaving CPR and bleeding cessation skills to the public, and how to sign up for the training.

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How to Help Kids Safely Watch a Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse is a spectacular sight. However, experts want to remind everyone not to look directly at the eclipse.

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Halloween Dental Tips for Keeping Mouths Healthy

Experts from our Dentistry team share tips for keeping children’s gums and teeth happy on this sugary holiday.

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Back-to-School Success Tips for Parents

Whether you're dreading hectic school-day schedules or excited for kids to be back in the classroom, the transition back to school can be a stressful time for children and parents. Consider some of these tips from our pediatric experts on how parents can best prepare the entire family for school days. 

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Teens and Underage Drinking FAQ for Parents

Underage drinking is dangerous and can have long-lasting effects. Our pediatric expert discusses substance abuse prevention and offers tips for parents and caregivers on how to talk about alcohol with teens and adolescents. 

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Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Warm, sunny days are perfect for outside activities the entire family can enjoy. But without the right protection, the sun can be harmful. Here are some safety tips to stay happy and healthy in the summertime. 

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Bike and Helmet Safety for Kids

When the right safety precautions aren't taken, bike accidents can cause unintentional injuries or even death.

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Dehydration in Kids

Dehydration can look a bit different for everyone. We take a closer look at some common questions people may ask about dehydration. 

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Brain Development in Early Childhood

Anisa Kelley, MD, Neurology, provides an overview on brain development and why it’s a critical process of early childhood.

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How to Promote & Improve Healthy Brain Development in Children

Audrey Brewer, MD, MPH answers commonly asked questions about childhood brain development and what families can do to reinforce and support it.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Suicide

Navigating the difficult conversation around suicide with your children can be extremely challenging. Learn tips on having that discussion.

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When to Take Your Child to the Pediatrician, Immediate Care or ER

When a child is sick, parents and caregivers must quickly make a choice: Where should they turn for medical care?

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