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Convenient, Compassionate Care, Delivered: ENT Services at Lurie Children's

December 15, 2020

Children with recurrent sore throats, ear infections, hearing loss due to ear fluid and snoring or breathing issues during sleep, have a more convenient option for getting the otolaryngology (ENT) care they need at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

The Division of Otolaryngology has developed a quicker way for patient families to schedule surgeries for some primary pediatric otolaryngology conditions following a single telemedicine visit with a provider.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Family makes telemedicine appointment with ENT specialist online through MyChart (current Lurie Children’s and Town & Country pediatric patients) or by calling 1.800.543.7362.
  2. Family meets virtually, through real-time video, with a Lurie Children’s ENT physician-surgeon. Physician determines if child may benefit from surgery.
  3. A hospital administrator coordinates the scheduling of the child’s surgery, their pre-operative COVID-19 test and a post-operative visit, if necessary.
  4. Child is tested for COVID-19 2-5 days before surgery and must test negative for next step.
  5. Child has visit with provider to answer additional questions and confirm surgery is necessary. Surgery occus on the same day.

“This approach makes it easier for families to see the pediatric ENT specialist their child needs without scheduling numerous trips to the hospital or outpatient centers,” said Dana Thompson, MD, MS, MBA, FACS. Dr. Thompson is a board-certified otolaryngologist who completed advanced training in pediatric otolaryngology, and is the Head of Lurie Children’s Division of Otolaryngology.

Lurie Children’s otolaryngology physicians treat more children for ENT conditions than any other hospital in Illinois. ENT specialists perform approximately 40% of the nearly 20,000 surgeries that take place at Lurie Children’s each year.

To learn more about the Division of Otolaryngology or to schedule a telemedicine appointment for recurrent sore throats, ear infections, hearing loss due to fluid in the ear, or snoring or breathing issues during sleep, returning Lurie Children’s or Town & Country Pediatrics patients who use MyChart to schedule through the platform. New patients should call 1.800.543.7362.

To learn about Otolaryngology’s subspecialty programs for more complex conditions, visit LurieChildrens.org/ENT.

Lurie Children’s has implemented several safety measures related to COVID-19, including required mask-wearing, screening for COVID-19 symptoms, isolating COVID-19 suspected patients and more to ensure safety for families. Click here for more information about the hospital’s response to COVID-19.