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At Lurie Children's, your child's health is our priority. Our pediatric experts provide education and guidance for all childhood illnesses, from congenital health disease to strep throat. Find more information about your child's condition or disease and the treatment options available here.

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Common Questions about Pediatric Sports Injuries

Lurie Children’s sports medicine team members answer some common questions about sports injuries in kids, including how to prevent injuries, when to see a doctor, how to help your child recover and more.

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Williams Syndrome: Symptoms, Diagnosis & Support

May is dedicated to increasing the understanding of Williams syndrome, fostering research interest for improved treatments, and further supporting patients and families.

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Dr. Joseph Runde answers commonly asked questions and misconceptions about IBD vs. IBS.

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Common Questions About High-Risk Pregnancy

Being diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy is overwhelming. It is important to be prepared for the next steps in your care. 

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What to Do When You Receive a Fetal Diagnosis

Our fetal experts help families understand what a fetal complication or diagnosis means for your family. 

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Constipation in Kids: Causes, Types & Treatment

Our pediatric experts answer some of the most frequently asked questions about constipation in kids, including causes, symptoms and more.

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What is a Pediatric Gastroenterologist?

Learn more about pediatric gastroenterologist specialists to better understand what conditions they diagnose and treat. 

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All About Rare Diseases and Genetic Disorders in Children

In the US a rare disease is defined as a health condition affecting 200,000 people or less.

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What Happens When Fetal Heart Abnormalities are Detected During an Ultrasound?

When pregnant patients receive a prenatal diagnosis of a congenital heart defect (CHD), they often have a lot of questions and concerns about what comes next.

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Supporting Your Child with Congenital Heart Disease: A Guide for Parents

A child being diagnosed with congenital heart disease can be overwhelming. Our experts provide advice to help you understand and support your child with CHD.

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Heart Health for Kids: Exercise & Nutrition

Diet and exercise are key parts of children's heart health. Use these tips and diet plans to keep your kids healthy all year round.

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Strep Throat in Kids: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Infectious Diseases Physician Ami Patel, MD, answers common questions about strep throat.

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