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As a parent or caregiver, your child's safety is always your top priority. Learn more about how to help keep your child happy and healthy in our blogs and resources. 

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Safe Toys and Gifts

Keep your little ones safe during playtime with these helpful toy safety tips from Lurie Children's Patient and Family Education Team.

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Teens and Underage Drinking FAQ for Parents

Underage drinking is dangerous and can have long-lasting effects. Our pediatric expert discusses substance abuse prevention and offers tips for parents and caregivers on how to talk about alcohol with teens and adolescents. 

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Summer Safety Tips for Kids

Warm, sunny days are perfect for outside activities the entire family can enjoy. But without the right protection, the sun can be harmful. Here are some safety tips to stay happy and healthy in the summertime. 

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Bike and Helmet Safety for Kids

When the right safety precautions aren't taken, bike accidents can cause unintentional injuries or even death.

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4th of July Safety Tips for Kids

Emergency Room physician Elizabeth Powell, MD, provides tips to keep your kids safe on the Fourth of July, including firework and burn safety.

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Lurie Children’s Pediatric Eye Specialists: Using Fireworks ‘Not Worth the Risk’

Our pediatric eye specialists say families should be aware of the possible dangers from fireworks to the eyes. 

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Water Safety Tips

Among preventable injuries, drowning is the leading cause of death for children one to four years of age. 

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Prevent Hot Car Deaths in Babies & Children

Find out a few easy steps you can take to prevent hot vehicle-related injury or even death.

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How to Recognize Child Abuse in Young Children

The bruising clinical decision rule known as TEN-4-FACESp can help recognize when a child is being abused.

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Talking to Teens about Alcohol for Prom and Graduation

With graduation and prom coming up, talking to teens about alcohol can be a good time for parents to discuss this difficult topic with their kids. 

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Further Regulations on E-cigarettes Needed

Recent national surveys show a plateauing or slight decrease in teen e-cigarette use, but we are still seeing epidemic levels of youth use. 

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Safely Returning to Sports

Our pediatric orthopedic specialists have a message for young people and their parents: please return to activity safely. 

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