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Chewbacca Tells Patient He’s Getting A New Heart

When Austin Eggleston was listed for a heart transplant, Dr. Philip Thrush promised he would deliver the news a heart was available dressed as Chewbacca.

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Family with Medically Complex Child Launches Foundation to Fill Insurance Gap

Little Heroes League is committed to supporting medically complex children and their families.

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A Positive Touch: Child Life Specialist Empowers and Advocates for NICU Families

While Samson’s doctors and nurses made sure he breathed more easily, his child life specialist worked closely with him to ensure comfort, minimize toxic stress and progress towards key developmental milestones.

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Fever in Children: How and When to Treat

Fever in children is common, especially during cold and flu season that can sometimes require treatment.

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No Colon, Still Rollin’

Looking at him now, you wouldn’t know Andy's had three surgeries in the past year to help him feel better.

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Establishing Screen Time Rules for Kids

Balance digital life, boost well-being, and foster development.

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