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One in a Million: Rare Tumor Leads Family to Lurie Children's

After showing signs of puberty at age four, Jonah's parents became concerned. Doctors discovered an extremely rare tumor on his adrenal gland.

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Child Life Specialists Help Patients and Families Cope with Hospital Experience

A child life specialist is a trained professional who helps children and their families understand and normalize the hospital environment.

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How a Nurse Practitioner Helps Families Navigate Life with Congenital Heart Disease, With the Benefit of Lifelong Research

Michelle Steltzer is a nurse practitioner who has devoted her life to helping our patients navigate life with congenital heart disease.

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Father Battling Aggressive Cancer Sees Son Receive Life-Saving Kidney Transplant from High School Classmate

Just one week after learning Ashley was pregnant with Miles, the Wagners received devastating news.

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Cochlear Implant Social Worker Addresses Entire Family's Needs

While every member of our Cochlear Implant Program is dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for each child, social worker Christine Berg, LCSW, focuses on the entire family's needs.

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Jonah’s Story – Raising Awareness for Infantile Spasms

Jonah’s 6-month EEG soon showed that he was at high risk for developing a devastating form of childhood epilepsy known as Infantile Spasms. 

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