Cancellation & No Show Policies

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Cancellation Policy 

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide timely and efficient access to care, it is very important that we have advance notice of at least one (1) business day if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment. This allows us to open the appointment for another child needing care.

No Show/Late Cancellation Policy*

We recognize that families are busy, and that missing appointments may be out of your control. However, after three (3) missed appointments or late cancellations (within one business day) within a 12-month period in the same Lurie Children’s specialty, that specialty may no longer be able to provide care to your child  

We will notify you by mail if you have reached this point. We will also send a notice to your child’s primary care provider (PCP) to notify them so that they can help you with either a new referral to return to Lurie Children’s, if necessary, or to be seen by another provider.

If you feel that your child still requires treatment with a Lurie Children’s provider, please contact your clinical team to appeal this decision. You will no longer be able to schedule an appointment until your appeal is approved. If you have moved away from the area or would like to find out about our services at another location, please ask the clinical team about options.

*This policy applies to all visits after February 1, 2023.