Other Lurie Children's Boards & Committees

Volunteer board and committee members are a critical part of our mission and the success of our fundraising initiatives. Lurie Children’s has 12 established volunteer organizations that fundraise on behalf of the hospital as well as a few specialized event committees. Each board and committee has a unique mission that directly impacts a specific need within Lurie Children’s.

Lurie Children's relies on philanthropic funding to enhance its programs and services. Our Affiliated Organizations are groups of philanthropically-minded individuals who organize various fundraising events each year in support of the hospital's mission.

Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities (CBCC)

CBCC is a volunteer organization comprised of former and current professional athletes, members of the Chicago sports media and the corporate community. CBCC has been affiliated with the hospital since 1984, raising over $3.4 million for the Division of Hematology, Oncology, Neuro-Oncology and Stem Cell Transplant​ through its annual All-Star Invitational Golf Outing, and annual gifts from the Chicago White Sox Charities. 

Foundation for Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation (FHSR)

Originally established in the early 1950s by a group of parents and professionals seeking to help deaf individuals, the FHSR affiliated with the hospital in 2002. The FHSR is committed to providing primary underwriting for a wide array of otolaryngology, otology and cochlear implant programs and services at Lurie Children's. Learn more about FHSR.

The Junior Council of Lurie Children's

The Junior Council was founded in 1988, following the establishment of the hospital's multidisciplinary HIV program. This organization of young professionals is committed to supporting pediatric, adolescent and maternal AIDS and HIV research and care conducted at Lurie Children's and its research center. Learn more about the Junior Council.

Little Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Little Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation was formed in 1997 in honor of Steven Newkirk, who lost his courageous battle against neuroblastoma at age 5. Little Heroes supports pediatric cancer awareness and efforts to find better treatments, and provides a resource and hope for families affected by neuroblastoma. Learn more about the Little Heroes Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.

The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation

The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation was established in 2005 to honor Maeve McNicholas, a two-year-old who passed away from a brain tumor that was diagnosed less than 36 hours before. The Foundation's goals are to increase public awareness about childhood brain tumors, support families affected by them and to fund research into finding their cause and a cure. Learn more about the Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation.

Children's Research Fund Junior Board (CRFJB)

Founded in 1992, this group serves as a junior board to the Children's Research Fund, which has been raising funds for medical research in Chicago since the 1950s. The CRFJB's mission is to support pediatric medical research being conducted at the Manne Research Institute. Learn more about the CRFJB.

Children’s Research Fund North Suburban Board (CRFNSB)

Founded in 1996, the CRFNSB serves as a junior board to the Children's Research Fund (formerly the Medical Research Institute Council), and is dedicated to raising funds for pediatric research to help ensure a healthy and productive future for children. Learn more about the CRFNSB.

Young Associates Board (YAB)

Established in 2000 as a junior board of The Gus Foundation, the Young Associates Board raises funds for brain tumor research through activities aimed at young professionals, including social events and the annual Run for Gus 5K. The YAB also funds the Beads of Courage program at Lurie Children's, and organizes a variety of service projects. Learn more about the YAB.