Changing life trajectories for heart patients

Nine-year-old Kathleen has undergone five heart surgeries, including a transplant. She is enrolled in the Neo-Heart Developmental Support Program for children with neurodevelopmental issues due to brain injuries related to their heart defects.


Research Key to Helping Newborns Breathe Easier

Dr. Schumacker's discoveries may one day lead to better treatments for babies struggling to take their first breath.

Taming the allergic storm

Oral immunotherapy trial offers great promise for children with multiple food allergies.

Aaron Receives Expert Spina Bifida Care

Expert care from a team of specialits has allowed Aaron to lead a happy, active life, despite the challenges of spina bifida.


Gene therapy breakthrough ends lifelong transfusions

Lurie Children's is part of a groundbreaking international multicenter gene therapy clinical trial that shows promise in eliminating the need for children with thalassemia to undergo regular blood transfusions.

Jorge and Jullisa