My Daughter's Hemangioma

My daughter Lucy developed redness in the corner of her eye when she was 2 months old. My wife Stephanie and I were very concerned because the redness was growing. Our pediatrician thought it maybe a clogged tear duct and prescribed eye drops to help. After two weeks when this did not work he sent us to a pediatric ophthalmologist. After two visits to the ophthalmologist we were not happy with the progress or plan to treat Lucy’s eye. We knew we needed someone who specialized in children's care.
We set-up an appointment with Dr. Bahram Rahmani at the Children’s Outpatient Center in Westchester. Dr. Rhamani spent over an hour examining Lucy’s eye and correctly diagnosed a birthmark (hemangioma) in her eye. He referred her to a Children's dermatologist, Dr. Annette Wagner, who confirmed this diagnosis. Since the birthmark is in the eye and had the potential to distort Lucy's vision, we were very concerned. Dr. Wagner prescribed a beta blocker (propranolol) which is a relatively new method to treat hemangiomas.
Being that Lucy was 5 months old, we were incredibly hesitant to have her begin using steroids because of the side effects.  The relief, and fear that was lifted, when Dr. Wagner, being at the forefront of her field, began treating her with this newer method is immeasurable.  She was very thorough and precise in all of the details she provided to us.  We were more than able to make an informed decision about the treatment of our daughter.
Lucy has been on the propranolol for six months and her eye is back to normal. My wife and I are very happy with the impeccable care and services provided by Dr. Rahmani, Dr. Wagner and Children's. We will forever be grateful.
This story was submitted through the Tell Us Your Story page in November 2010.