Employee Engagement

According to a recent study, 72 percent of Americans want their employers to do more to support a cause or social issue, and 93 percent say it is important for their employer to provide them with opportunities to become involved.*

Workplace Giving

Employee giving programs are a simple and effective way for your company to make a difference and involve your employees in something meaningful.  Giving programs can be structured in a variety of ways, including payroll deduction, annual drives and matching programs. Our staff can assist you with developing a program tailored to your company.

Matching Gifts

There are hundreds of Chicago companies who match their employees’ gifts – is yours one of them?

Participate in Events

Reach your target audience while demonstrating your company’s dedication to the children of Chicago. Participating in a special event that benefit Lurie Children’s not only draws attention from both the media and the community, but can also provide a powerful opportunity for employees to interact as a team outside of the workplace. Learn more about some of the exciting opportunities to get involved with fundraising events for Lurie Children's.

Volunteer Opportunities

It takes only a small amount of time to make a difference in a child’s life, and the volunteers at Lurie Children's do just that. While sometimes limited due to the sensitive nature of our hospital environment, we do provide specialized group volunteer opportunities for our corporate partners and their employees.

There are also individual volunteer opportunities for interested parties available through the Lurie Children’s Volunteer Services Department.

Support Those Who Support Us

There are numerous businesses throughout the Chicago area who support Lurie Children's through cause-marketing campaigns. Your employees can contribute to this effort by supporting local establishments who support us. It’s as simple as choosing to buy your daily cup of coffee, shop for groceries, or even grab sandwich at one of these supporting establishments.

For more information on employee engagement opportunities, please contact Jennie Cimino​ at 312.227.7262.

*2007 Cone Cause Evolution and Environmental Survey