The Impact of Your Gift

Gifts to Lurie Children's touch and improve thousands of young lives each year. They make it possible for us to continue to provide life-saving patient care and research into the causes, treatments, prevention and discovery of cures for diseases and conditions affecting children and their families. They allow us to continue to provide unreimbursed care and services despite severe government funding challenges. They also enable Lurie Children's to continue its advocacy efforts, and allow us to create wellness programs aimed at keeping children away from harm and living healthy lives.

Your Gift at Work

  • $1,500 can provide a one-month supply of crayons for the entire hospital
  • $5,000 can provide a holiday stocking for every child staying in the hospital on Christmas Eve
  • $7,500 can provide a Vecta Cart specially designed as a interactive device to distract and relax kids during difficult medical procedures
  • $10,000 can provide an infant warming bed for babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • $20,000 can provide a cardiac defibrillator
  • $30,000 can provide a dialysis unit
  • $50,000 can provide an MRI Scan
  • $100,000 can provide the services of a Child Life specialist for one year

*These values and treatments are representative examples. Your donation will be used to support the hospital's areas of greatest need.

Careful Financial Stewardship

At Lurie Children’s, we take extraordinary care to steward our financial resources wisely. Please take a look at our annual report to view how and where the funds raised were spent and directed.

What it Means to our Patients and Families

"To see others — family, friends, even total strangers — support our hospital gives us hope for the future. Their generosity means winning another fight and saving another child's life. It’s about people supporting a whole community — a community of doctors, nurses and scientists who not only need our combined efforts to move forward, but require our help to achieve new medical advances and save more precious lives. Charitable giving is about providing hope to a community of families and kids who so desperately need our love and support. Giving a gift, no matter how small, means more than you could ever imagine!"

                    —JoAnne Colucci, mother of Rosie, age 10, who is battling a brain tumor