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Regulatory variant in FZD6 gene contributes to nonsyndromic cleft lip and palate in an African-American family

Cvjetkovic, N., Maili, L., Weymouth, K. S., Hashmi, S. S., Mulliken, J. B., Topczewski, J., Letra, A., Yuan, Q., Blanton, S. H., Swindell, E. C., Hecht, J. T.

Mol Genet Genomic Med. Sep 2015; 3(5):440-51

A role of glypican4 and wnt5b in chondrocyte stacking underlying craniofacial cartilage morphogenesis

Sisson, B. E., Dale, R. M., Mui, S. R., Topczewska, J. M., Topczewski, J.

Mech Dev. Nov 2015; 138 Pt 3:279-90

Semicircular canal morphogenesis in the zebrafish inner ear requires the function of gpr126 (lauscher), an adhesion class G protein-coupled receptor gene

Geng, F. S., Abbas, L., Baxendale, S., Holdsworth, C. J., Swanson, A. G., Slanchev, K., Hammerschmidt, M., Topczewski, J., Whitfield, T. T.

Development. Nov 2013; 140(21):4362-74

Loss of col8a1a function during zebrafish embryogenesis results in congenital vertebral malformations

Gray, R. S., Wilm, T. P., Smith, J., Bagnat, M., Dale, R. M., Topczewski, J., Johnson, S. L., Solnica-Krezel, L.

Dev Biol. Feb 1 2014; 386(1):72-85

Notum homolog plays a novel role in primary motor innervation

Cantu, J. A., Flowers, G. P., Topczewski, J.

J Neurosci. Jan 30 2013; 33(5):2177-87

Divergent requirements for fibroblast growth factor signaling in zebrafish maxillary barbel and caudal fin regeneration

Duszynski, R. J., Topczewski, J., Leclair, E. E.

Dev Growth Differ. Feb 2013; 55(2):282-300

Peripheral axons of the adult zebrafish maxillary barbel extensively remyelinate during sensory appendage regeneration

Moore, A. C., Mark, T. E., Hogan, A. K., Topczewski, J., Leclair, E. E.

J Comp Neurol. Dec 15 2012; 520(18):4184-203

miR-27b controls venous specification and tip cell fate

Biyashev, D., Veliceasa, D., Topczewski, J., Topczewska, J. M., Mizgirev, I., Vinokour, E., Reddi, A. L., Licht, J. D., Revskoy, S. Y., Volpert, O. V.

Blood. Mar 15 2012; 119(11):2679-87

Identification of an evolutionarily conserved regulatory element of the zebrafish col2a1a gene

Dale, R. M., Topczewski, J.

Dev Biol. Sep 15 2011; 357(2):518-31

Simple, economical heat-shock devices for zebrafish housing racks

Duszynski, R. J., Topczewski, J., LeClair, E. E.

Zebrafish. Dec 2011; 8(4):211-9

A zebrafish Notum homolog specifically blocks the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway

Flowers, G. P., Topczewska, J. M., Topczewski, J.

Development. Jul 2012; 139(13):2416-25

Planar cell polarity signaling in craniofacial development

Topczewski, J., Dale, R. M., Sisson, B. E.

Organogenesis. Oct-Dec 2011; 7(4):255-9

Multi-Shell Nano-CarboScavengers for Petroleum Spill Remediation

Daza, E. A., Misra, S. K., Scott, J., Tripathi, I., Promisel, C., Sharma, B. K., Topczewski, J., Chaudhuri, S., Pan, D.

Sci Rep. Feb 03 2017; 7:41880

A functional screening of the kinome identifies the Polo-like kinase 4 as a potential therapeutic target for malignant rhabdoid tumors, and possibly, other embryonal tumors of the brain

Sredni, S. T., Suzuki, M., Yang, J. P., Topczewski, J., Bailey, A. W., Gokirmak, T., Gross, J. N., de Andrade, A., Kondo, A., Piper, D. R., Tomita, T.

Pediatr Blood Cancer. Nov 2017; 64(11)

Craniofacial skeletal defects of adult zebrafish Glypican 4 (knypek) mutants

LeClair, E. E., Mui, S. R., Huang, A., Topczewska, J. M., Topczewski, J.

Dev Dyn. Oct 2009; 238(10):2550-63

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