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Clinical characteristics and genotypes of rotavirus in adults

Anderson, E. J., Shippee, D. B., Tate, J. E., Larkin, B., Bregger, M. D., Katz, B. Z., Noskin, G. A., Sederdahl, B. K., Shane, A. L., Parashar, U. D., Yogev, R.

J Infect. Jun 2015; 70(6):683-7

Multicenter clinical evaluation of the novel Alere i Influenza A&B isothermal nucleic acid amplification test

Bell, J., Bonner, A., Cohen, D. M., Birkhahn, R., Yogev, R., Triner, W., Cohen, J., Palavecino, E., Selvarangan, R.

J Clin Virol. Sep 2014; 61(1):81-6

Multicenter clinical performance evaluation of BD Veritor System for Rapid Detection of Respiratory Syncytial Virus

Bell, J. J., Anderson, E. J., Greene, W. H., Romero, J. R., Merchant, M., Selvarangan, R.

J Clin Virol. Sep 2014; 61(1):113-7

Pro-con debate: Protracted bacterial bronchitis as a cause of chronic cough in children

Bidiwala, A., Krilov, L. R., Pirzada, M., Patel, S. J.

Pediatric Annals. Aug 2015; 44(8):329-336

Central line–associated bloodstream infections in neonates with gastrointestinal conditions: Developing a candidate definition for mucosal barrier injury bloodstream infections

Coffin, S. E., Klieger, S. B., Duggan, C., Charles Huskins, W., Milstone, A. M., Potter-Bynoe, G., Raphael, B., Sandora, T. J., Song, X., Zerr, D. M., Lee, G. M., Bryant, K., Cox, E., Deveikis, A., Michalik, D., Gould, J., Guzman-Cotrill, J., Hansen, A., Holzmann-Pazgal, G., Kociolek, L., Logan, L., Rupp, A., Septimus, E., Sherman, E., Wittig, S.

Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology. Nov 2014; 35(11):1391-1399

Early viral suppression improves neurocognitive outcomes in HIV-infected children

Crowell, C. S., Huo, Y., Tassiopoulos, K., Malee, K. M., Yogev, R., Hazra, R., Rutstein, R. M., Nichols, S. L., Smith, R. A., Williams, P. L., Oleske, J., Muller, W. J.

Aids. Jan 28 2015; 29(3):295-304

Neurologic disease in HIV-infected children and the impact of combination antiretroviral therapy

Crowell, C. S., Malee, K. M., Yogev, R., Muller, W. J.

Rev Med Virol. Sep 2014; 24(5):316-31

Prevalence of BK polyomavirus infection and association with renal dysfunction in pediatric heart transplant recipients

Ducharme-Smith, A., Katz, B. Z., Bobrowski, A. E., Backer, C. L., Rychlik, K., Pahl, E.

J Heart Lung Transplant. Feb 2015; 34(2):222-6

Strategies to decrease pertussis transmission to infants

Forsyth, K., Plotkin, S., Tan, T., Wirsing von Konig, C. H.

Pediatrics. Jun 2015; 135(6):e1475-82

Revision of the jones criteria for the diagnosis of acute rheumatic Fever in the era of Doppler echocardiography: a scientific statement from the american heart association

Gewitz, M. H., Baltimore, R. S., Tani, L. Y., Sable, C. A., Shulman, S. T., Carapetis, J., Remenyi, B., Taubert, K. A., Bolger, A. F., Beerman, L., Mayosi, B. M., Beaton, A., Pandian, N. G., Kaplan, E. L.

Circulation. May 19 2015; 131(20):1806-18

Clinical diagnoses and antimicrobials predictive of pediatric antimicrobial stewardship recommendations: a program evaluation

Goldman, J. L., Lee, B. R., Hersh, A. L., Yu, D., Stach, L. M., Myers, A. L., Jackson, M. A., Day, J. C., McCulloh, R. J., Newland, J. G.

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. Jun 2015; 36(6):673-80

Simultaneous determination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole in dried plasma and urine spots

Gonzalez, D., Melloni, C., Poindexter, B. B., Yogev, R., Atz, A. M., Sullivan, J. E., Mendley, S. R., Delmore, P., Delinsky, A., Zimmerman, K., Lewandowski, A., Harper, B., Lewis, K. C., Benjamin, D. K., Cohen-Wolkowiez, M., Berezny, K. Y., Capparelli, E., Kearns, G. L., Laughon, M., Muelenaer, A., O'Shea, T. M., Paul, I. M., Smith, P. B., Van Den Anker, J., Wade, K., Walsh, T. J., Siegel, D., Taylor-Zapata, P., Zajicek, A., Ren, Z., Tsilou, K., Pagan, A., Anand, R., Simone, G., Lewandowski, A., Harper, B., Poindexter, B., Smiley, L., Yogev, R., Fern, L., Al Nasiri, H., Sullivan, J., Bratton, T., Cannonier, D.

Bioanalysis; 7(9):1137-1149

Use of opportunistic clinical data and a population pharmacokinetic model to support dosing of clindamycin for premature infants to adolescents

Gonzalez, D., Melloni, C., Yogev, R., Poindexter, B. B., Mendley, S. R., Delmore, P., Sullivan, J. E., Autmizguine, J., Lewandowski, A., Harper, B., Watt, K. M., Lewis, K. C., Capparelli, E. V., Benjamin, D. K., Jr., Cohen-Wolkowiez, M.

Clin Pharmacol Ther. Oct 2014; 96(4):429-37

Antiretroviral Drugs in Meconium: Detection for Different Gestational Periods of Exposure

Himes, S. K., Tassiopoulos, K., Yogev, R., Huestis, M. A.

J Pediatr. Aug 2015; 167(2):305-311.e3

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