Wainwright Laboratory

The Wainwright laboratory is focused on acute brain injury in children, principally perinatal asphyxia, early-life seizures and traumatic brain injury.

Current Research Projects

Glial Response to Traumatic Brain Injury

The activity of the Wainwright lab is focused on the glial responses to traumatic brain injury and the role of activated glia in the mechanisms of epileptogenesis and blood brain barrier dysregulation following acute brain injury. Dr. Wainwright’s clincal research is focused on the application of bioinformatics to pediatric critical care with the goal of developing fully integrated real-time physiologic and laboratory data collection and analysis in the pediatric intensive care unit.


List of publications indexed in PubMed​ by the Wainwright Laboratory​​

Laboratory Members

  • Ashley Holloway, Research Associate II
  • Sue Hong, MD, Clinical Fellow
  • Chun Shu Piao, PhD, Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Phone: 773.755.6339