​Mary Ann & J. Milburn Smith Child Health Research Program

The Mary Ann & J. Milburn Smith Child Health Research Program addresses important clinical and public health problems of children through state-of-the-art interdisciplinary methods and collaborations.

The Smith Child Health Research (SCHR) Program engages in clinical, community and population-based research to advance knowledge about the natural history, biological, psychological, social and environmental causes of common and important child health problems.

The program also partners with communities and policy makers to translate this knowledge into effective clinical and public health interventions and policy. Additionally, SCHR trains a new generation of child health professionals and researchers with its interdisciplinary, collaborative public health approach to research.

About SCHR

Launched in 2000 with a generous gift from Mrs. Mary Ann Smith in memory of her late husband, J. Milburn Smith, SCHR consists of several core research programs that possess unique expertise and resources. Together the programs strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration and academic competitiveness. The Smith Child Health Research Program is well positioned as a leader and key participant in the area of population health.​

Research Groups

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Matthew Davis, MD, MAPP, Director, Smith Child Health Research Program, Chief of Academic General Pediatrics and Primary Care​, and Associate Chief Research Officer for Health Services and Policy Research​, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute

​Core Staff

  • Stephanie Pelligra, Division Administrator
  • Tami Bartell, BS, Project Manager
  • Davida R. Kay, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Tiffany Reed, Administrative Assistant

Contact Information

Stephanie Pelligra, Division Administrator
Phone: 312.227.6112