Become a Member

Why become a member?

Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute is the research arm of Lurie Children's and one of the interdisciplinary research centers and institutes of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. With over 200 faculty and over 500 staff, the research institute’s primary goal is to facilitate the ability of its membership to perform research leading to the most advanced pediatric health care. By becoming a member you will avail yourself of services, facilities, resources, education and collaborative opportunities with a larger community of biomedical researchers.

Information about membership (PDF)


  1. Eligibility for Research Institute internal funding mechanisms, including seed grants, bridge funding and career development awards (Full Members only).
  2. Access to Research Institute-wide educational seminars and written and electronic communications.
  3. Access for properly credentialed members and their trainees at member rates to Research Institute Core Facilties, including:
    • Clinical Research Unit
    • D2P Editing Services
    • DNA Sequencing Facility
    • Fish Facility
    • Human iPS & Stem Cell Core
    • Microscopy and Imaging Facility
    • Pritzker Research Library
    • Research Design and Biostatistics Research Core
    • Research Histology Facility


  1. Participation in scholarly activities of the Research Institute.
  2. Acceptance of academic or administrative service to the Research Institute (i.e., committees, task forces, etc.).
  3. Continuation of membership (reviewed every three years) depends on continued activity similar to that justifying initial membership designation.
  4. All members must submit a brief synopsis of related or supportive activity at the time of review.
  5. All publications will include an acknowledgement of the Research Institute.

Types of Membership

  • Full Scientific Member (Two of the three requirements are necessary for membership)
    • Anyone who serves as a Principal Investigator (“PI”) or Co-PI on a research proposal or protocol (active or submitted) which advances the mission of the Research Institute.
    • Anyone who demonstrates a clear and sustained commitment to the Research Institute by regular participation in its scholarly activities.
    • Affiliation with a Northwestern University (“NU”) department or other scientific or academic institution.
  • Associate Scientific Member
    • Eligible member from NU or other scientific or academic institution who demonstrates an ongoing effort in supporting the Research Institute’s fulfillment of its mission.


  • Northwestern University faculty
  • Other qualified researchers


  • Research investigators holding faculty or staff appointment(s) at Children’s Hospital of Chicago Medical Center and/or Northwestern University or other scientific or academic institution.
  • Evidence of interest in areas related to child health and disease or pediatric antecedents of adult disease.
  • Clear and sustained commitment to participation in collaborative research, clinical and/or educational programs of the Research Institute.

Application Process

  1. On the application form, complete identifying and demographic information as noted.
  2. Based on the criteria listed, choose whether you wish to be considered for membership as a Full or Associate member. If desired, the Membership Committee will assist you with this choice.
  3. Choose up to two Programs or Centers that are most relevant to your interests, and that have members with whom you have research collaborations or common interests.
  4. If you have chosen two Programs, indicate which represents your primary area of interest.
  5. Provide brief answers to the additional questions on the application form.
  6. Submit the application form with a copy of your NIH biosketch or brief resumé.

Contact Information

Peg Rainey