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The research arm of Lurie Children’s, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute helps us provide cutting-edge treatments and discover more effective ways to prevent and diagnose conditions that affect children’s health.

Our physicians and scientists are also faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, our academic partner. Working closely together, our hospital, research institute and medical school train the next generation of pediatric specialists while advancing children's healthcare. 

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The research institute blog, From the Bench, is written by Philip M. Iannaccone, MD, PhD. Dr. Iannaccone's musings range from Mendelian inheritance to exactly how DNA controls human development. Stop by each week to see Dr. Iannaccone's take on research news, myths and surprises.  


Revised guidelines on the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis (CF) affects approximately 1 in 4,000 newborns in the U.S. each year. All U.S. states perform newborn screening to diagnose and start treatment early, but the results may prove inconclusive. To improve diagnosis and achieve standardization in definitions, an international committee of experts (including Susanna McColley, MD) developed clear and actionable consensus guidelines on diagnosis, which were published​ in February 2017. Read more.

Study examines management of hypertension in premature infants

 A Center for Community Health-funded study led by the Pediatric Practice Research Group at Lurie ​Children's documented screening practices and incidence of abnormally elevated blood pressure measurements in premature infants seen in 26 community practices. Reports generated by the study to participating practices that included study results and information needed to implement practice change were designed in collaboration with community clinicians. Read more.​

Lurie Children's researchers participate in Research Day 2017

Lurie Children's faculty, staff and students were well represented at the 13th Annual Lewis Landsberg Research Day, held on April 6, 2017. Research Day is a Northwestern University campus-wide event to promote faculty and trainee development through the sharing of exciting research and conversation with colleagues. Elizabeth Martinez, BA, and Danica Aniciete, MS ​(pictured from left) presented a poster entitled: "Improving Communication in the PICU: PICU Supports Pilot Study​" (principal investigator: Kelly Michelson, MD, MPH​).