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The research arm of Lurie Children’s, Stanley Manne Children's Research Institute helps us provide cutting-edge treatments and discover more effective ways to prevent and diagnose conditions that affect children’s health.

Our physicians and scientists are also faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, our academic partner. Working closely together, our hospital, research institute and medical school train the next generation of pediatric specialists while advancing children's healthcare. 

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The research institute blog, From the Bench, is written by Philip M. Iannaccone, MD, PhD. Dr. Iannaccone's musings range from Mendelian inheritance to exactly how DNA controls human development. Stop by each week to see Dr. Iannaccone's take on research news, myths and surprises.  


On the front lines – your digestive system versus the world

Intestinal homeostasis cartoonImagine a battalion of soldiers whose job it is to do battle with the enemy. Believe it or not, your gut is filled with those soldiers, fighting to keep you healthy. The gut plays a lot of important roles – not only is it the organ that digests food and other nutrients, but it also serves on the front lines for the immune system. Xiao-Di Tan, MD​, explains how this works. Read more.

Perlman awarded Society for Pediatric Pathology honor

Elizabeth J. Perlman, MD has received the Society for Pediatric Pathology​ President’s Distinguished Colleague Award and Scroll of Appreciation in recognition of her many years of service to the society, for her advocacy for pediatric pathology in the worldwide pathology community, and for her contributions to diagnostic and academic pediatric pathology.

Robert Louis Katz Summer Scholars

A limited number of scholarships are available for the 2016 summer research training program through the Robert Louis Katz Summer Scholarship. Faculty members who wish to apply for the scholarship should submit an application that includes a brief description of the student project (no more than 1 page)  and the student's resume (no more than 2 pages). Applications are due by May 10. Please submit to Phil Iannaccone (

Since 2000, the Robert Louis Katz Medical Research Foundation has provided approximately 50 high school, undergraduate and graduate students with scholarship opportunities to nurture their interest in biomedical research. The Foundation was established through the generosity of James and Ellyn Katz in memory of their son, Robert, to support research for diseases in children. The Robert Louis Katz Summer Scholars are mentored in research laboratories, culminating in presentations to Mr. and Mrs. Katz, mentors and peers.