Playground Safety Initiatives

Learn more about what Lurie Children's isdoing to keep Chicago's playgrounds safe by reading a post on our blog, Salubrity: "Putting Safety First at Playgrounds".

About the Playground Safety Initiative

As part of our Play it Safe with Kohl's Program, we provide free, onsite playground safety checks to schools, park districts, preschools and childcare centers. An on-site safety check will be conducted by an injury prevention specialist who will identify potential safety hazards and discuss them with the appropriate playground staff.

After receiving the recommendations, schools or parks can modify existing playground equipment and establish effective maintenance programs, which are two key components in safe playgrounds. Below are just a few of the playgrounds Lurie Children's and Kohl's Cares have updated.

If you would like your child's playground check for hazards, please call Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 for a free playground safety check.

  About Play it Safe with Kohl's

Kohl’s Department Store helped create the Play it Safe with Kohl's program at Lurie Children’s, which focuses on injury prevention in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. The initiatives include playground safety, home safety and school sports safety tips. Kohl’s also helps fund research programs to track injury trends, youth development and poison prevention.

For more information about our programs and research, please contact Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 or