Window Safety

Windows and window coverings add character
to our homes. They can brighten rooms, add charm and let us see the world outside our front doors. However, windows and window coverings can also be extremely dangerous to children. Each year, thousands of children are seriously injured or killed after falling from windows and choking on blinds and drapery cords. The Injury Prevention and Research Center at Lurie Children’s recommends the following window safety tips for your children:

Window Guards

  • Keep furniture away from windows
  • Install window stops or releasable child-safety window guards where children live and play
  • Parents should know how to remove window guards to allow for easy escape in case of an emergency
  • Secure window guards into the sides of the window and make sure bars are no more than four inches apart
  • Install window stops, which prevent windows from opening more than four inches above the top bar of the window guard
  • Open windows from the top down, if possible

Blind & Drapery Cord Safety

  • Keep furniture away from windows and blind/drapery cords by placing them against an opposite wall
  • Lock all pull cords into position, whether the blind is up or down
  • Eliminate dangling cords and secure all pull cords by using a cleat or permanent tie down device
  • Remove cord loops on all blinds by cutting the looped cord just above the tassel, and attach new tassels to the pull-cord ends

Test Your Window Safety Knowledge

For More Information

Visit the following sites for more window safety information:

About Stop the Falls

The Stop the Falls program, which is supported by Kohl's Cares and the Play it Safe with Kohl's Program, helps educate parents on window falls prevention each spring and summer through a variety of media campaigns that include signage on the city's trains and buses, billboard and movie theater ads.

In addition to the media campaign, we distribute the “super stopper,” an easy-to-install window guard device to community groups and parents.

   Small Steps Can Save a Life 

    Watch the Small Steps Can Save a Child's Life video          below to recap some helpful tips.

 About Play it Safe with Kohl's

Kohl’s Department Store helped create the Play it Safe with Kohl's program at Lurie Children’s, which focuses on injury prevention in neighborhoods throughout Chicago. The initiatives include playground safety, home safety and school sports safety tips. Kohl’s also helps fund research programs to track injury trends, youth development and poison prevention.

For more information about our programs and research, please contact Amy Hill at 312.227.6692 or