Preventing Airway Obstruction

Review our airway obstruction prevention tips below.

While Sleeping

  • Always place an infant to sleep on his or her back
  • Infants should sleep only in cribs never on soft surfaces like couches, chairs etc
  • Parents should remove pillows, comforters, stuffed animals and other soft items from the crib

At the Table

Many foods can be hazardous to young children causing injury or even death. In general, small, round and hard foods should be avoided to at least 6 years of age. The following is a list of potentially hazardous food:

  • Popcorn
  • Nuts
  • Raw carrots and apples
  • Hard candy
  • Raisins
  • Large chunks of meat or other solid foods
  • Marshmallows
  • Chewing gum

Hot dogs should be sectioned lengthwise into quarters and cut. Grapes should also be sectioned into halves or quarters.

Make sure children always eat while sitting at a table.

Around the House

Check your house for potential choking hazards. The following is a list of items that are potentially hazardous:

  • Toys with small parts
  • Latex balloons - use Mylar balloons instead
  • Marbles
  • Coins
  • Magnets

Read the labels on toys before purchasing them, and keep all plastic bags out of children’s reach.

Make sure pacifiers have short strings that attach to the shirt. Never put a anything in the form of a string around a child’s neck. Remove all hood and neck drawstrings from a child’s clothing. Tie up all window blind and drapery cord.