Children need vocal advocates. We advocate for a brighter future for all children; one in which each child is given the opportunity to reach his or her full potential. When Children's Memorial Hospital, now Lurie Children's, was founded in 1882, most children died from infectious disease. Today, the leading causes of emergency care, hospitalization and death of children, such as car crashes, sports injuries, homicide, asthma and suicide are related to behavioral, environmental and social risk factors. Children with chronic illnesses that once died in early childhood are now surviving into adulthood. We believe in prevention, health promotion and safe, structured environments for children.

Our Social Responsibility

As the oldest and largest freestanding pediatric hospital in Illinois, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to advocate on behalf of children and families. Prevention is the best medicine we can offer them. Community health promotion enhances children's environments in homes and in neighborhoods to keep them safe and strong. Public policy improves the quality of life for all children in Illinois. Supporting medical leadership and training in child advocacy strengthens child health outcomes in homes and communities.

We pursue social and healthcare policies and programs that keep children healthy, reduce the need for hospitalization and support their social development in at city, state and national levels. As advocates, we collaborate with community leaders, organizations and legislators to effectively bring public attention and response to children's health issues. We select issues that significantly affect the well-being of children. In advocating for children, the hospital provides scientific and clinical expertise, fills leadership voids, joins coalitions and works to improve outcomes for all children and their families.


Our child advocacy initiatives incorporate these strategies to optimize the health and social well-being of children; to strengthen family function; to create safe and healthy communities; to promote protective public policy; and to strengthen the impact of patient care. Review the topics below to learn more about our advocacy initiatives.

Another advocacy program is our safety initiatives - get tips on childproofing your home, playground safety and more. See all of our safety initiatives.