Child Advocacy Advisory Committee

The hospital's program and policy activities are prioritized by the multidisciplinary Child Advocacy Advisory Committee (CAAC). The CAAC prioritizes issues that engage the hospital in strategic community partnerships and legislative initiatives that strengthen health and social outcomes of children and youth. We do so by using data-driven approaches that identify leading risk factors to children and youth; geo-mapping areas where these risks are most prevalent; identifying legislative and regulatory opportunities; and evaluating outcomes of our program and policy interventions. Prevention and health promotion are the emphasis of program and policy activities. All of our initiatives are funded philanthropically.

Our approach is to identify issues affecting child health and well-being — clinical, behavioral and social — where our medical center expertise can make an incremental difference in improving children's lives. Through research, education and intervention, we provide resources to families, community-based organizations, regulatory agencies, elected leaders and other stakeholders to help our children grow up healthy and strong.

We serve as a catalyst for launching and evaluating multiple program and policy activities. Programs that are shown to have impact are then expanded and typically integrated into institutional “homes” throughout the medical center to augment and amplify their impact. New initiatives can be undertaken to respond to new and emerging issues that evolve over time.