Connect with Community Resources

Learn how to plan ahead, be a part of your community and make the most of its resources.


Take the time to learn about your academic rights and services. Know what you want to do after high school so you can talk about and plan how you will manage your medical needs in college. Review our education resources below to learn more.


Start volunteering to get job experience. Learn about your employment rights and understand how to manage your medical needs during work. You can talk with your medical team about appropriate job choices. Review our employment resources below to learn more.


Find fun programs in your community, and get involved in activities like sports, church, clubs and volunteering. Be sure to understand how your medical condition may affect what you choose to do. Review our recreation resources below to learn more.

Life Skills

You can begin to take part in household chores, learn how to manage your money, how to shop and how to cook. It is also important to start being more independent in your healthcare. Review our life skill resources below to learn more.

Social & Emotional Support

Identify a supportive adult. Consider meeting other teens and young adults with the same medical condition, and get support from school, your medical team and groups such as the hospital's own ParentWise and PeerWise groups. Review our social and emotional support resources below to learn more.

Youth with Developmental Disability

You can connect with the Illinois Division of Developmental Disabilities, as well as identify support within your own family and community. You should begin planning for future needs including finances, healthcare, education, living expenses and guardianship. Review our developmental disabilities resources below to learn more.