The search strategy included combination of one of the following terms: MeSH term “health transition” OR search term “health” AND “transition” OR “health transition.” AND one of the following: MeSH “Child” OR search term “children” OR MeSH “adolescent” OR “adolescent” OR “youth.”

The search totaled over 3,000 articles. The articles that were chosen discuss transition as a primary point. All subspecialties including mental health were considered. Also, many articles relating to independence and health insurance for adolescents were selected for the final database. Many articles relating primarily to adolescent care and other general adolescent issues and functioning and NOT transitioning were not selected. Areas that are likely lacking are “oncology” and “lifestyle.”

The results of this search were combined with an existing database previously created from people working on transition in the field. In addition articles were added from references of the most recent general transition articles.

The database will be updated using the search strategy above and any other articles that I come across. The database is accessible following the link below which will transfer you to a public NCBI collection. From there the list can be downloaded and converted to your reference manager.

View Dr. Shah’s collection, “Transition Literature Database”​ from NCBI.

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Data & Statistics

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