Gender & Sex Development Program

The Gender & Sex Development Program at Lurie Children’s has two arms. One provides comprehensive services for transgender, gender expansive and gender-non conforming youth while the other provides support for children and adolescents with sex development conditions.


Services for Gende​r Development

The gender development arm of the program provides outpatient services aimed at supporting the physical, mental and social health of patients and their families as youth progress through gender identity development.

Learn more about our gender development services and clinic.

Services for Sex Development

The sex development arm of our program cares for newborns and children with differences of sex development. Our collaborative team includes pediatric endocrinologists, urologists, surgeons and nurses in addition to an ethicist and child psychologist experienced in DSD and gender issues to give our patients the most holistic care possible.

Learn more about our sex development services and clinic.​


To find out more information about ou​r program or to request an appointment, call Jennifer Leininger at 773.303.6056 or e-mail 


Support of Safe School Environments for Transgender & Gender Expansive Youth

The Gender & Sex Development Program at Lurie Children's fully supports the statement linked to below from the American Academy of Pediatrics, which identifies the need to protect and support transgender and gender expansive youth. It is essential for all children to be provided with safe school environments where they can learn and thrive.

Lurie Children's will continue to advocate for transgender and gender expansive children and adolescents in healthcare, in their schools and in our communities.

Read the statement from the AAP.

Community Fundraising Challenge!

The Chicago-based Tawani Foundation has announced a $1 million commitment to our Gender & Sex Development Program, with $500,000 in the form of a community challenge. For every dollar received, Lurie Children’s will receive a grant dollar from the foundation. Make it happen! 

Contact T.J. Johnson at or 312-227-7251.

Growing Up Trans:
A FRONTLINE Documentary

In Growing Up Trans, a 90-minute special on PBS, FRONTLINE takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey into the lives of transgender patients in our Gender and Sex Development Program.

Watch the full documentary online.

While we believe in providing safe and effective care for our patients, the long-term consequences of some of the treatments are still unknown. Visit to read an article in which our doctors discuss the risks and reasoning behind our care.

Our Patients & Families
Tell Their Stories

Patients and families from the Gender and Sex Development Program were featured in the FRONTLINE documentary, Growing Up Trans. They also  shared their personal stories with us on our blog. Visit the links below to read their posts.

Recognized Leader in

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Foundation recognized Lurie Children's as a “Leader in LGBT Healthcare Equality” based on our top marks in meeting non-discrimination and training criteria that demonstrate our commitment to equitable, inclusive care for LGBT patients and their families.

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