Critical Care Research

The needs of the patients and their families that come to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Lurie Children's are as diverse as the patients themselves. To fill the needs of our patient population, the Division of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine is dedicated to conducting research that addresses the many diverse challenges faced by critically ill children and their families. Our multidisciplinary team of researchers consists of physician-scientists, advanced practice nurses, registered nurses, respiratory therapists, and clinical researc​h coordinators, all of whom work to develop and conduct research that helps to improve patient care. 

We focus on improving patient care through research in many ways. Several of our researchers focus on improving communication with and support for families. Others investigate diseases on the most basic, biological level. Some researchers work to improve healthcare through reduction of health disparities. Finally, we also have faculty who study the incorporation of innovative technologies into everyday care in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Lurie Children’s.

The lessons we learn from our research are directly incorporated into medical practice, keeping Critical Care physicians at Lurie Children’s on the cutting edge of science, wellness, technology and healthcare.


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