Child Abuse Prevention Training & Education

Educating and consulting the various disciplines and professions serving children and families in the hospital and community are essential parts of our team's focus.

We reach out to other child abuse pediatricians, community physicians and pediatricians, social workers, teachers, attorneys, DCFS workers, nurses and anyone else whose discipline involves care for children to ensure that everyone is prepared to recognize and respond to suspected cases of child maltreatment.  

We have the country's only post-master's training program in social work for the assessment of abuse/neglect. Learn about the Social Work Fellowship in Child Protection.

On a quarterly basis, we train DCFS and law enforcement personnel via our work with the MPEEC. In FY14, we trained more than 200 professionals on medical aspects of child maltreatment and comprehensive psycho-social assessments

We also host community trainings like the Annual Child Maltreatment Symposium. This event allows us to train more than 200 multidisciplinary personnel on various child maltreatment topics, and draws respected keynote speakers from across the country.

Opportunities for Professionals