Protective Services Team

The Protective Services Team (PST) identifies and treats children that are victims of abuse and neglect. The team’s goal is to ensure that all children served by the hospital are in a safe and healthy environment. 

We train professionals, parents and the community about the prevention, identification and treatment of child abuse and neglect, including:   

  • Common triggers of maltreatment
  • Recognizing abuse and neglect
  • Stressors that may lead to child abuse

Photo: The Protective Services Team

Areas of Expertise

Clinical Work
The PST provides psychosocial and medical assessments of children and makes recommendations to cooperating agencies for treatment plans.
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We coordinate efforts of experts within the hospital and from external public and voluntary agencies to better serve children and their families.

We're currently conducting clinical trials within our research studies.
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Training & Education
We offer two unique fellowships for professionals interested in child abuse pediatrics: the child abuse pediatrics fellowship and the Christine Speiser Social Work Fellowship in Child Protection. We also host the Annual Child Maltreatment Symposium.
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Contact Us

To speak with us, please e-mail or call 312.227.6220.

To report suspected child abuse and neglect in Illinois, call 1.800.25.ABUSE (1.800.252.2873).

​Shaken Baby Syndrome and Abusive Head Trauma Accepted as Valid Diagnoses

Survey data reveals a high degree of medical consensus that shaking a young child is capable of producing subdural hematoma (a life-threatening pooling of blood outside the brain), severe retinal hemorrhage, coma or death, according to a study led by Sandeep Narang, MD, JD, Division Head of Child Abuse Pediatrics.

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​Transitioning to Home Care

Almost Home Kids (AHK), now part of the Lurie Children’s family, cares for children with complicated health needs by providing family training, respite care and short-term transitional care in a home-like setting. AHK is staffed with medical professionals and volunteers to make sure every child and their families are prepared for the return home. The Protective Services Team works closely with Almost Home Kids to make the care transition process as easy as possible.

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