Post-election Mental Health Resources

Below is a collection of resources that parents, educators and students may find useful following the recent presidential election.

You Are Not Alone: Supporting Dreamers and Families of Undocumented Status

On January 24th, 2017, CCR hosted a live Facebook event addressing the potential repeal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), including a Q&A session with a panel of experts. Mental health and legal resources were discussed and included in the presentation. After watching the presentation below, please CLICK HERE to take a brief survey, and help us improve how we communicate important information. 

We encourage people to reach out to affected youth and families and let them know they are not alone, and that there is still a movement to safeguard their rights. In addition, for undocumented youth at this time, it is important to validate their concerns, noting that threats made to immigrant rights are serious, and to refrain from making promises we cannot guarantee.  However, we want to remind them of the slow speed of political processes, the debate and discourse that will ensue with political and community groups championing immigrant rights, and the uncertainty about how repealing an executive order will translate into actual enforcement of immigration policies.

PowerPoint PDF: You Are Not Alone Facebook LIVE.pdf

You Are Not Alone: A Webinar on Mental Health Resources for Marginalized Youth and Families

Since the elections, calls to Illinois and national mental health and social service agency hotlines have dramatically increased. Children from a variety of marginalized groups are reporting high levels of anxiety, despondency, fear, and high emotional stress. Youth who have been affected include frequently marginalized youth, such as refugee, immigrant, undocumented, LGBTQ, and religious and racial minority youth.

In response to this public health emergency, leaders mobilized quickly to address this crisis and ramp up services to support marginalized children in these challenging times. On November, 18th, 2016, the Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition and The Center for Childhood Resilience hosted a webinar entitled, You Are Not Alone: Mental Health Resources for Marginalized Youth and Families. Click on the video above to watch and please use this slide set to follow along. Slide Set - You Are Not Alone Webinar.pdfSlide Set - You Are Not Alone Webinar.pdf

Lurie Children's Post-Election Messaging for Youths​​

Lurie Children’s Center for Childhood Resilience and the Illinois Childhood Trauma Coalition experts partnered together to develop a post-election message with resources to help professionals, families and all who work with children and youth provide the words and support that can help them to be resilient in these times. While many youth and children are confused and worried, there are particular groups that are despondent, and we encourage you to share this information widely with those working with youth in schools and mental health centers where these children and youth may seek support.

Post-election Mental Health Supports and Messaging for Youth:

Post-election Mental Health Resource List: