All of our spaces were built with kids in mind. With evidence-based design from research on healing spaces and help from the Kids Advisory Board, our building is made to help kids heal faster.  

Family & Community Destinations
While each space and work of art is important, there are a few community destinations in particular where patients and families may find themselves more frequently. Learn more about the family & community destinations in the hospital.

Family Great Rooms
Each floor in the hospital has a family great room, a large recreational community space where patients and their families can get away from the hospital room, yet stay relatively close. There is no single purpose for the family great rooms; they are simply there when families need them, for whatever they’re needed. Learn more about our family great rooms.

Sarah & Peer Pedersen Family Learning Center
The Sarah and Peer Pedersen Family Learning Center (PFLC), located on the 12th floor behind the red fire truck, is a resource space where all patients and families can access educational resources, learn more about our services and read through consumer health materials. Learn more about the Family Learning Center.

Family Life Center
Our Family Life Center serves as the main respite area for all inpatients and their families, providing a variety of helpful activities, work spaces and rest areas. We know that every family member is affected when a child is in the hospital, so we focus on providing activities and purposeful spaces not only for our patients, but for their siblings, parents and relatives as well. Learn more about our family life center.

Ronald McDonald House & Sleep Rooms
Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s, located just a few blocks away from our hospital, gives parents and families of patients priority access to its 86 rooms, rooftop healing deck and kitchens, among other amenities. Ronald McDonald House Charities also operates nine Sleep Rooms on our 12th Floor of the hospital. Learn more about Ronald McDonald House and our sleep rooms.

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