Our trained professionals offer multiple creative and educational programs, activities and reso​urces, helping hospitalized children and their families emotionally, socially and developmentally. A majority of Family Services programs – and all of our Children’s Services programs– are funded through philanthropic support.

Family_services.pngOur approach to care includes an interdisciplinary team of social workers, chaplains, child life specialists and creative arts therapists who follow inpatients from diagnosis through discharge. Social workers and chaplains are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Activity coordinators, interpreters, teachers and volunteers help patients and families with respite, distraction, and other needs related to their hospital stay. Together with the patient’s medical team, our family services team addresses the needs of the whole family for the best possible patient experience.

Learn more abou​t our team:

Activity coord​inators

We believe that a child’s work is play, and our activity coordinators make sure that all of our patients an​d their siblings are hard at work even while they’re in the hospital. Learn more about our activity coordinators.

Art Therapists​

Our art therapists are clinically trained professionals who use a variety of art materials at the bedside or in a group settin​g to help improve the physical and emotional well-being of patients and families. Learn more about our art therapists.


​Our chaplains are there to help guide families through their hospital experience. With master’s degrees and advanced children’s hospital trainings, our chaplains are available to meet with familie​s and offer emotional and spiritual support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They are prepared to meet with families of any religion, as well as those without religious beliefs. Learn more about our chaplains.

Child Life Specialists

Lurie Children’s has 15 child life specialists who are there to help your child understand their diagnosis or procedure in an age-appropriate way. They also help support siblings, guide families through bereavement and assist in legacy making. Learn more about our child life specialists.


We strive to provide our services in the languages of our patients and families. Our Spanish language interpreting services are especially strong; we employ 16 full-time Spanish interpreters to meet your and your child’s needs. Learn more about our interpreters.

Music Therapists

Music therapists are uniquely trained to harness the therapeutic qualities of music to use with even the most fragile children, including surgical patients and babies in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Music therapy involves accessible and adapted experiences to engage patients and make them feel successful, regardless of musical background. Learn more about our music therapists.

Social Workers

We can provide brief counseling and help families in crisis situations, which may include sudden illness, accidental injuries, child prote​ction situations or major life changes. We also help connect families with more state and local resources that can help with child safety concerns. Learn more about our social workers.


Lurie Children’s offers various education programs to our patients and their siblings to make sure a stay at our hospital doesn’t disrupt a child’s learning. Learn more about our teachers.


From ushering our guests onto the elevators, to tutoring patients at their bedside, volunteers are involved in countless aspects of our patients’ care, and they are vital to keeping the hospital the warm and friendly place that it is. Learn more about our volunteers.