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Mixed Vascular Malformations

In a mixed vascular malformation, a combination of two or three types of abnormal blood vessels makes up the malformation. For example, a child may have a capillary and venous malformation (CVM), or a capillary, venous and lymphatic malformation (CLVM). It can be quite common for children to have a mixed vascular malformation. These complex malformations should be evaluated and treated by a specialist with the expertise to understand the unique needs of each patient. 


Depending on the location and severity of the malformation, your child may need to be seen by many specialists including dermatologists, interventional radiologists, otolaryngologists, plastic and general surgeons, as well as oncologists and physiatrists. Our psychologist and social worker will be able to help you and your child adjust to the changes and special needs that this condition requires. The Vascular Lesion Center at Lurie Children's has the specialists available to meet your child and develop the specialized plan of care they will need.

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