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We've developed a list of helpful resources for transgender individuals and students, educators, parents and allies in the Chicago area and nationwide. Download the list to find support services, support groups, websites, books and more.


​Become Part of Our Voice & Communication Group for Trans Youth & Young Adults

The "Be Heard for Who You Are" group helps trans people (up to age 24) find a comfortable voice and communication style that reflects their affirmed gender.

The start date is yet to be determined. Call 847.491.3165 to learn about fees and registration.

Learn more.

Growing Up Trans:
A FRONTLINE Documentary

In Growing Up Trans, a 90-minute special on PBS, FRONTLINE takes viewers on an intimate and eye-opening journey into the lives of transgender patients in our Gender and Sex Development Program.

Watch the full documentary online.

While we believe in providing safe and effective care for our patients, the long-term consequences of some of the treatments are still unknown. Visit to read an article in which our doctors discuss the risks and reasoning behind our care.

Our Patients & Families
Tell Their Stories

Patients and families from the Gender and Sex Development Program were featured in the FRONTLINE documentary, Growing Up Trans. They also  shared their personal stories with us on our blog. Visit the links below to read their posts.