As we continue to grow and expand, so are our programs, projects and partners. Get more information on our current programs and projects below.

Gender & Sex Development Program

Our gender development services are a part of the Lurie Children’s Gender and Sex Development Program​, where you will find warmth, support and exceptional care provided by a diverse team of specialists from disciplines including general pediatrics, adolescent medicine, endocrinology, urology, general surgery, psychiatry and psychology. Our team operates two clinics; each is designated to provide comprehensive, family-centered care. We provide services for: 

  •     Children with gender-non conforming behavior
  •     Gender-questioning and transgender youth
  •     Children and adolescents with sex development conditions

TransLife Care Project

The collaborative TransLife Care Project (TLC Project), led by Chicago House and Social Service Agency (Chicago House), is a comprehensive and multistrategy initiative to identify HIV-positive transgender women of color and engage or retain them successfully in accessible, high quality and culturally competent HIV primary care. The project is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration as a multisite initiative with nine sites funded nationally. The TLC Project will support transgender women’s retention in medical care with three levels of intervention:

  1. At the individual level, the project will increase the number of transgender women of color engaged and retained in ongoing primary care
  2. At a systems level, the TLC Project will provide trans-specific medical and cultural competency training to primary care providers and support service staff to broaden Chicago’s network of competent care and service providers
  3. At a structural-level, Chicago House’s housing and employment programs will address primary obstacles to retention in care: lack of housing and employment services

Lurie Children's will lead the evaluation of this initiative and will provide educational services to medical providers and TLC project participants.