Make an Appointment

To find out more information about our gender development services or to request an appointment, call Jennifer Leininger at 773.303.6056 or e-mail

What to Expect  

Before Your First Appointment

Contact our program coordinator to schedule an appointment. Please allow for a 15-minute phone call so we can collect basic information about the patient and a brief background of the gender-related matters that are prompting consultation. Because no two patients’ needs are the same, our program coordinator will help you determine details of your first visit. As a multidisciplinary program, in one visit, a family can meet with a medical provider, a psychologist or both.

During Your First Appointment

If you decide to meet with one of our medical providers during your first visit, they can tell you more about available treatment options.

If you choose to meet with one of our gender-affirming psychologists during your initial visit, this initial evaluation will consist of getting to know you and the patient, discussing any gender-related questions or concerns and determining how individual or family therapy can be helpful.

At a typical first appointment a patient and parent/caregiver should expect to discuss:
  • Any medical and social history including questions pertaining to the timing, trajectory and consistency of any gender identity-related issues
  • Any past medical history including a detailed discussion of any prior hospitalizations (medical or psychiatric)
  • Any current (or past) experiences with counselors/therapists that have involved gender issues
  • Aspects of parental and family support
  • A treatment timeline, plan and expectations moving forward 
And to expect:
  • Potentially having blood drawn in preparation for medical treatment (patient only)
  • Potentially undergoing a physical exam during your first visit (unless one is not warranted or clinically indicated)

After Your First Appointment

Following your first visit, all of our medical and mental health team will review the information collaboratively in order to better assess how we can provide the best care.

Then, a representative from our treatment team will contact you to begin ongoing care in our clinic. In some cases, our treatment team may refer you to other important services in addition to (or aside from) those offered by our program. In cases when we recommend care outside of our program, we will help you identify appropriate referrals near you.