Common Medical Record Questions

Who is authorized to sign for release?

  • The patient, if 18 years of age or over (not a patient's spouse or a parent of a patient over 18)
  • The parent or legal guardian, if the patient is younger than 18 years of age, with this exception: if the patient is 12 years or older and requesting a mental health record release, or records containing HIV/AIDS, drug and alcohol, sexually transmitted disease, pregnancy and/or birth control information (According to state law, a patient 12 or over must authorize release of this highly confidential information)
  • A guardian, if the patient is legally judged incompetent
  • Emancipated minor (the minor is legally married, is a parent, is pregnant, or has been legally emancipated by the court)

When will I receive a copy of the medical record?

Copies are typically processed within 10 business days. If you have questions, please call Health Information Management at 312.227.5220.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no charge for releasing copies of health information directly to other healthcare providers when records are sent directly to the healthcare provider's address.
  • Families are charged a per page fee for copies of their health information. See chart below.
  • To reduce the cost, families can consider requesting specific information rather than a complete record, or having another party request on their behalf (i.e., insurance company).


Number of copies​ ​Medical Records ​Microfilm/Electronic Documents
    Pages 1-25​ ​    $0.96 per page ​    $1.60 per page
    Pages 26-50​ ​    $0.64 per page ​    $1.60 per page
    Pages 51 and up​ ​    $0.32 per page     ​$1.60 per page