Billing & Insurance Questions

Medical bills can be complicated. We want to help you understand your bills, our payment policy and your options.

What are the Hospital Charges?

You may view a list of Lurie Children’s standard hospital charges upon request and receive estimates of charges. See our Price Transparency Policy for more information.

It is important to understand that patients do not pay the full amount of the listed charges. Patients with health insurance only pay the specified deductible, copay and coinsurance amounts established by their health plan. A patient without health insurance may be eligible for significant discounts from charges through our financial assistance program

Why Do I G​et Multiple Bills for One Visit?

You may receive more than one bill for one visit. Here's why: some bills come from doctors, other bills come from the hospital. All bills are submitted to your insurance company.

For example, if your child has an X-ray:

  • The hospital sends a bill for use of the equipment and clinical staff time;
  • Your radiologist sends a bill for interpreting the X-ray; and
  • Your attending physician sends a bill for developing a treatment plan based on the results of that X-ray.
  • Find direct phone numbers for specific questions about your bills

Is My Doctor "In​ Network"?

Before a visit, we encourage families to contact their insurance company directly for more information. "In network" means your insurance company has a contract with the hospital and our doctors, and usually you have smaller out-of-pocket expenses. You may choose to see an "out of network" provider, but this usually means you pay more or all of the bills.

Who Can I Contact If My Health Plan Denies Coverage For My Child?

The Illinois Office of Consumer Health Insurance can be a helpful resource for families trying to navigate complex health insurance issues. The office can be reached at 877.850.4740 or

What Do I Need Referr​als for?

Before a visit, we encourage families to contact their insurance company directly for more information. For example, if your insurance is an HMO, you need referrals for doctor visits and services provided. For example, to see a pediatric specialist, you need a referral from your primary care physician. Then, if that pediatric specialist orders tests (an X-ray, CT scan, MRI, lab tests, physical therapy), you need a referral for those tests.

Are My Doctors & Servic​es Covered by Insurance?

We do our best to understand the rules of all managed care plans, and can often let families know what services are covered by insurance before their visit. However, since some pediatric specialists and specialty services may not be part of your benefits, we encourage families to contact their insurance company directly to find out. If services are not covered by insurance, the hospital asks for payment on the day of the visit.

What Should We Expect & D​o Before Our Visit?

  • We encourage families to contact their insurance company, Medicaid or All Kids directly to see what co-payment they may owe at the time of service.
  • Sometimes co-payments are listed on the card.
  • Be sure to bring your current insurance or enrollment card to every visit.
  • Co-payments are collected at check-in. 

Where Can I Get Help in Applying for Medicaid or Marketplace Exchange Plans?

Lurie Children’s offers free assistance with applying for Medicaid, healthcare exchange plans or food stamps (SNAP) with Patient Innovation Center (PIC) Navigators. Learn more.