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Philanthropy plays a critical role in accomplishing our goals, especially in today's increasingly challenging health care environment. Founded in 1987 as the Children’s Memorial Foundation, today the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Foundation is a charitable 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, through which all gifts benefit Lurie Children’s.
The Foundation's staff of fundraising professionals work with 11 affiliated organizations and an active team of volunteers to cultivate and secure contributions that advance the mission of the hospital. Volunteer engagement ranges from those contributing to governance on the board of directors, to those conducting fundraising events, to individuals contributing through grassroots efforts. 

Founders' Board

The Founders' Board supports the hospital's mission of providing the most advanced and compassionate healthcare for children and their families. The Board is composed of 105 active members who are dedicated to supporting the hospital’s mission through personal philanthropy, fundraising, advocacy, hospital governance and volunteerism.

Heroes For Life Campaign

THe Heroes for Life campaign for Lurie Children’s was the most ambitious fundraising initiative in the history of our hospital and one of the nation’s largest on behalf of children’s health.

After eight years (2004-2012), the campaign concluded with more than 250,000 donors raising $675 million, representing gifts from individuals, corporations and foundations. These generous benefactors helped to create the 23-story, state-of-the-art Lurie Children’s, funded programs, advanced research and supported the recruitment of leading pediatric specialists. Through Heroes for Life, we are transforming pediatric healthcare and research for this and future generations of children. If you have yet to visit the hospital, take this virtual tour to see what has been created through the support of the entire community. 

The support of our civic leaders, donors, partners and hospital team is a testament to our city’s commitment to having superior healthcare available for all our children. The success of the Heroes for Life campaign was made possible through an extraordinary group of volunteer leaders who were instrumental in championing and guiding the fundraising initiative in the community.

Honorary campaign co-chairs:​ Campaign co-chairs:​
  • Lester Crown​
  • Paula H. Crown​
  • Ann Lurie​
  • Daniel J. Hennessy​
  • Andrew J. McKenna   ​
  • Robert S. Murley​
  • Penny S. Pritzker​
  • J. Christopher Reyes ​

The Heroes for Life campaign has concluded, but the needs continue to fulfill the promise of what this new building and its programs will mean for children. Philanthropic support will continue to drive transformational care in the future to ensure that all children have access to the latest treatments and cures. To learn more about how you can make a meaningful contribution to transforming care, contact the Lurie Children’s Foundation at 312.227.7500, or foundation@luriechildrens.org, or  donate now.  

Learn more about the impact of the campaign:

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To learn more about our work, the children and families we serve and ways to get involved, read our Heroes magazine.